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    Your bag is gorgeous! I love that pattern so much that I devoted a board for them on pinterest. I haven't made on yet, but yours has inspired me to make one when I have a stressful day! lol

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    - Dude, these are the best pictures of Emilee you have ever taken. But dang, I have to take a moment to praise God for giving Frank & June a baby!!! God is SO good, isnt He? Man, Ive never even met Frank, but I wanna give him a hug right now and share in this literally shocking excitement. Please tell Frank how I excited I am. I know he doesnt read your xanga. If I were your older brother, Id certainly stay away from your xanga. =)

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    Btw, what's your point exactly abot components 3 and 4?1 and 2 are the main components, and if we looked at all the components, Poles and Russians would still not be in the same spot in relation to Asian samples (see Fst data).

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    Wow that was great!!! First hand info on a day in the life of a rube. Thanks for sharing Cody. This was well written and I cant wait to read the next installment. Especially since a certain someone showed up on the set!!!

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