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    padmango / Thanks for introducing us to OPM. The lyrics and melody of Forevermore are so beautiful. I would love to hear you sing this song live. This song should be a permanent part of your setlist.

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    JulieThats funny, I had thought the same thing whenever I read about Booth walking his horse, I thought he got off and led the horse slowly across the bridge (which would make him look innocent anyway) but it meant he was just riding it slowly. I liked reading about Cobbs sharp memory of details about Booth and Herold. My favorite was that he recalled asking Davey why he was late, and Davey quickly made up the excuse of he was with a prostitute. LOL! I wonder if that was ever authenticated, or became lore by writers later on?

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    Well that at least explains why I feel no differently about Cadbury's or want to buy some chocolate after seeing that ad. It's because it's not even an ad for Cadbury's. This is lazy practice people. Loads of people will defend it because so many people do it - but it is lazy thinking. Sorry. The gorilla has become famous because it IS a great, striking piece of film in its own right. Is it a great ad? No way Jose. Hits don't mean shit if it ain't doing a job.

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