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    John  I think that most laws by design are political and they are enforced on not, based on who is elected to the office! Lisa Madigan is just more proof of that theory. Laws are ultimately determined to be constitutional or not by the Supreme Court, not the Attorney General!

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    Welcome Dionne!! Im so excited to have you as our North American International Correspondent!! I hope you love being part of the APJ family.Excellent post, I now have a serious lemming.Portia xx

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    ARE THOSE SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS FIGURES OMG GUYSi meani kinda want one of those sonic ones, but they look evil and all so ehhh dunno if it would start to creep me out or not (that tails one is clearly the tails doll guys look out)

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    I didn't get to go to see Spamalot so all of these great videos made by the loving fans are veryprecious for all of the fans like me. Thank you so much to you Musicfan and all of you who dothis and we benefit. It is so appreciated. Hoping and praying we have the opportunity in the futureto see one or more of Broadway Shows with Clay playing in it!!!

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    Perhaps the somewhat eccentric widow of a merchant who traded in the East for many years and had adopted some of the Eastern culture? It would allow you to combine the two cultures nicely I would think.

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    i had a serious debate last night as to whether the subcaption was appropriate.ive loved the beasties since licensed to ill straight up through whatever the fuck their last album was.pauls boutique is one of the best albums ever made. full.stop.

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    Let me write that down. You say that the one degree rise in temperature in the past hundred years has caused all those problems? According to your reasoning there should be more cancer in Miami than in Boston. I am moving North!

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    Vem har lust att gå och se Aik - FBK en fredag kl.19? Vem har lust att se Dif - Tik en Fredagkväll? Vem vill se ssk en.. nej juste det spelar ingen roll vad det är för dag vem vill se ssk över huvudtaget ;) ne men Ssk-Luleå... sugen?

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