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    It is completely unfair. Unfortunately, theres nothing we can do to make it fair. Its just the way it is; the only realistic option is to accept the facts  as unfair as they are  and make the best of whats possible.

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    Anyone break up with the scale last night? I am glad I did that awhile backmy life has been much freer, happier, and honestly, better. Besides, body fat percentage and the way your pants/clothes fit is a much better way to check anyways.

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    racist inhumane assnon:calling beautiful black people like me beasts is what racists like you did when u stole and chained us...that was back when you had to pretend were were not human so u could own us like pets...that was back when slave master peasants like u owned mansions rather than just rusty old trailers and matching "boats"...remember?

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