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    Ma sì, fategliela lintervista. Voglio capire che tipo è, che studi ha fatto, qual è il suo stile& insomma ho voglia di imparare da lei! Voleva vincere?! Cè lha fatto, barando o non barando, ha vinto! Quindi diamole quello che si MERITA ossia l intervista PS. perché sotto il vestito/intervista della vincitrice, non mettete anche un anteprima di tutti gli altri figurini che hanno partecipato?

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    aww... at her age she learn to let go of things where she finds too much comfort, for me its a good start in teaching your child the thing called MATURITY :)just passing by. Have a good day!

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    Not too long ago, I was getting down on myself for not being the kind of Mom I want to be and then I read this post. I got a good laugh about the tooth. And was so glad to be reminded of Jesus parents not being perfect. I am going to do my best to remember that each time I find myself bummed at my failures at being the perfect Mom.

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    The test told me I was a pathetic human and really needed to get out more! Lol j.k. I thought the assessment was really cool and informative..Thanks Bridget!

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    I haven't listened to talksport in the morning since Mike Parry left. The 2 Mikes were the best radio ive ever heard.I used to listen to the Alan Brazil show only because Mike parry was on after. But that Ronnie Irani bloke did my head in. And so I only turn talksport on to listen to Hawksbee and Jacobs and thats it now.

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    Hill curried a lot of favor with the Hurleys when RU played [and lost to] St. Peters at the refurbished Jersey City Armory last November. The Armory is run by the Jersey City Recreation Department. Guess who is in charge of the Rec Dept.? Bob Hurley.SHU had a chance to play that re-opening game but hemmed and hawed and ultimately decided not to play St. Peters there until the 08-09 season.

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    Les Romains ont colonisé la Gaulle, qui ne s’en est pas trouvé plus mal& Et tout le pourtour méditerranéen. Ah, vous et vos idées simplistes, mes petits chéris !Ils sont mignons tout de même !

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