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    You should frame his story for him and put it up in his room. Then when hes a world famous author and hes on his generations equivalent of Oprah, he can read his first story to the audience!

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    Resume making is very important for any professional your resume making tip i like one thing in this post which is 1. The resume can go into the second page only if you are the president of the United States :-)yes i also agree with this that it is very hectic to read 4 pages of resumes ,thanx for this good post.regards,abhay pratap

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    Yo soy otro que no sabia el porqué no tenia españa representación olimpica en futbol.y la verdad es que estoy muy sorprendido por que tampoco he escuchado por ningún sitio el porqué.Aquí se demuestra que los medios de comunicación solo ponen lo que les interesa i/o gusta.

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    Oh, the Gujrati thali seems to be the most attractive photo for me Other than that, I guess the Akshardam Temple also seems interesting. I am reminded of the ISKON Temple in Bglore. You know what, they serve awesome food at the ISKON temple and we visited it twice just for this reason! I also liked the old palace complex. There are absolutely nothing like that here.Destination Infinity

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    When I refer to renaming a prisoner or an accused, I do not mean the legal renaming so that their permanent name is such-and-such. What I mean is that they will be referred to the news media as Accused.Massachusetts.Boston.125125 (or once convicted Murderer.Massachusetts.Boston.0125) and during court proceedings. If they are found not guilty, they return to their original name. If they serve their time and are released back into society, they return to their old name. In short, the new name is meant to be their label while they go through the judicial system.Rob H.

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    Well, I was planning to get out tomorrow morning here in Norwich, but snow is now falling &.I have managed to find a nice stater, half Sov and gold rings, but I would LOVE to find a gold hammy, sceatta or aureus! Part of the joys of detecting are the dreams of finding something that bit special, good luck to everyone! LiamPS  Great Blog John, I will pop in more often!

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    Happy belated anniversary, Lisa. The message you wrote today, totally touched my heart. You see, I have been on this journey...God really has been working with me on different cultures and even different faiths. I truly believe that we (as Christians) have to understand others lives and life-style in order to witness and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Your post today reminded me again to see everyone through the eyes of Jesus.Love & peace, Iris

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