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    n-am urcat pana pe deal, mi-a fost aratat de catre amicul la care ne opriseram in vizita. Dar sunt convinsa ca e fain acolo, merita sa vin dupa ce se incalzeste, desi nu neaparat ca sa-mi vad Ploiesti-ul din zare.

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    breve farei um comentário mais detalhado sobre a nova obra de Paulo, que também é autor do bom Cabanga Club e que já esteve no Café Colombo falando sobre “O Avestruz Voador”. (Renato Lima) Deixe

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    Borders on the edge of evil? Socialist? Communist? Anti-American?Er, dont you think youre being a bit dramatic?If ABC really are in the tank for Obama, why use this story now and not wait until the general election? Its common knowledge that the White House would much rather Gingrich as Obamas opponent than Romney  so why would they try to bring Gingrich down now rather than let the Gingrich v Romney fight play out? Ill tell you why: because what you say is complete nonsense!

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    Ha ca me rappelle cette histoire qu’on à eu au Québec il n’y a pas si longtemps : la chef du Parti Québécois, Pauline Marois, avait dépensé 438 000 $ pour effectuer la rénovation d’une salle de bain insonorisée munie d’une toilette silencieuse dans sa suite ministérielle.

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    Alex K. is right about Gingrich who has a record of ethics violation & loose morals, he cannot be worthy of  the highest office of USA. I am appalled that the Tea Party supports him when back in 2009 in March, the beginning of the movement, they claimed that they will support an outsider for President over a Washington candidate because they need to clean up the whole House. Now they are supporting not only a Washington politician but one that was kicked out . If it were not for interference from Tea Party, Harry Reid might be gone by now, but for them, we still have Reid.

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    Jay and other ags....Congrats on a huge win. Despite what any Longhorn tells you, that game was NOT about officiating. Aggy punched UT right in the mouth and made us like it. Great win.

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    Denise&.I follow your blog all the way from little brownwood tx&.i love following your journeys. I live in a very small town with no places to shop and I have been wanting to get a couch and some curtains and I just love the curtains and couch you i see in several of your photos&would you mind telling me where you got them? I am desperate for items to help make our home feel&a little more lived in!

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    Moi jai super peur en avion, alors cest vrai quand je voyage même loin cest train ou voiture. Cest plus long, plus fatigant, mais les trains couchettes sest assez drôle finalement. Par contre ça mempèche les voyages vraiment lointains, on verra plus tard &Bises

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