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    I've been using the personalized homepage ever since it's early launch, and I like the improvements made to it since then... but recently, not all of my subscriptions have been showing up. The sections also seem to randomly change order.

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    dulu nak masuk felda tehegeh hegeh..bila dah dapat geran tanah dgn maneger pon kuang ajo..lupa diri betol..tak semua sebahagian jer sape yg rasa la

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    Senex  are more concentrated, fewer and easier to organise into a lobby.  Yes, this is a huge problem.The solution needs to be local, organised and bottom-up  The problem is education. It takes massive effort to see through the propaganda that is 24/7. Presidential debates in the USA for example. Much easier to go along to get along. But fundamentally education is what is needed. We may not get there but if we do it will be the strongest foundation. I hope things dont have to get too bad for people to be motivated to educate themselves but I am not holding my breath&&

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    I have always felt that our media are little more than glorified gossips so I dont take it too seriously&no one should.Typical day in TV news&weather scare of the day, followed by health scare of the day&followed by riot of the day&followed by financial scare of the day&presented by blond haired Barbie beauties and the odd Ken. Enjoy.Anyway, great insights Mike. even though you are a boobie bigot.

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    Xbox 360. Im not playing it on my profile Steven. I started this a little while ago because I wont get any achievements and I dont want it to affect my overall gamerscore showing I only completed 20% of the achievements. Ill play it on my profile once the patch hits and I have the time to get all the achievements, or at least a large portion of them. I started this with Quantum Theory and plan to do this from here on out for any game I wont play for very long&or until more time opens up.

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    Risk Doctor, 我覺得H1B 雇員通常來說是不會claim UI, 因為一旦被裁,身分已經黑掉,不太可能會 claim UI! USCIS 今年大砍 H1B consultant,所以你聽到的消息應該是正確的! H1B工作只能說:可遇不可求! 我很好奇你為何 TN visa 會被denied? 原因為何

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