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    Thanks for a great post & I know Im very late coming across it I really struggled with the winter just gone & your tips are great & very similar to a list I made for myself. I also used a light box each day, which definitely helped.Anita Lim recently posted..

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    Just had to comment again to say this bingo totally made our party! We had about 15 people and I can't even tell you how awesome it was! The ones who wern't so interested in the actual awards loved it because it gave them something to root for during the show and keep everyone entertained and laughing the whole time. I just can't thank you enough :)

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    Hi DanVery interesting post! Id like to put forward the question: how many people do you think in any profession (Im in IT but have studied law) suffer from depression because they only realise when it is too late that what they actually end up doing is nothing like what they envisaged when still studying? This is not me having a go at lawyers or IT professionals for that matter, just a general viewCheersMark

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    est-ce qu’il aurait été possible de garder inscrit le nom des périodes comme sur la frise du site de Jean pour que les élèves associent bien les évènements avec les périodes concernées ?

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    Not a promising start. Annie is a fun musical but not a well-made film at all. (It could turn kids off of musicals.) Holes is okay but youre much better off getting kids to read the book. Im not a fan of The Goonies but its harmless and a certain generation does love the flick, though to my eyes its far from an enduring classic. So two out of five are good choices: The Wizard Of Oz and Big.

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    We usually eat the Birdseye Steamfresh or the Green Giant Steamers and we love them. Theyre the same idea as what you have pictures, except there are about 2.5 to 3 servings per bag! Theyre super yummy too! I used to steam all of our veggies but with grad school taking up my time, I take the easy way out now!

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