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    Hi, I am also very new to the area, my baby boys first birthday is this month. I would love to participate and do a first bay shoot if you still need mini-models Thank you in advance!

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    Thank you so much! Its always so cool to hear when people try out my recipes and enjoy them I did blend the whole grapes with the avocado/mustard/olive oil. I figured I didnt need to chop them because the blender would do it for me.Im so glad you enjoyed it!

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    Pay attention to what I wrote. The amp in the project uses 6DG6 tubes and the power transformer puts out only 200 volts. Thats low voltage for a guitar amp. The preamp stage is high enough gain for a guitar amp, but a harp player would put in lower mu tubes.Ive built many bassmans and the stringing all the wires is not a big deal. It just takes a little longer. Ive wired a bassman in about an hour.Why would you post like this if you havent read the article and obviously dont know about amps?

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    Yeesh.. if those stats are correct, and im assuming that they are, then our defense has regressed as much as our offense has progressed. We are giving up 10 more points per game then in December, and 6 more than in Jan or Feb. This is not a recipe for championship basketball. With all the offensive talent we have on this team (especially now with Sesh), its our defense that will end up carrying us.

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