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    It seems that our tragic devotion to Israel, more than any other issue, is driving the contemptuous American attitude towards the UN and vice-versa. Historians will marvel at the American colossus bitter-end support for a country that has no relevance to the price of bread in Peoria.

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    aww your comment section is always so cute. hehe. I love to come back and see what "your mom" and "your grandma" have posted. It is great to see such love. You ladies are so rad!

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    You don't need to have skin problems to get an allergic reaction from bismuth oxychloride. I have perfectly fine skin, but then I use make up with this ingredient in it, my skin it gets all itchy and swollen.Bismuth oxychloride is a stupid ingredient to add to make up if you want as many people as possible too buy your product. Too many brands out there are adding it to their "green" and "natural" make up without a thought that it's very common to be allergic to bismuth.

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    Kendra said this yesterday. I like the way she thinks. Parties this year have tried to divide us on what they call “women’s issues.” You know what’s a women’s issue? If you answered anything but “all of them,” you’ve forgotten that women are just as much human as men.

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    i have a indian puffer fish in my 5.5gl aquarium with 7 cherry shrimp and a otocinclus they get along fine but if you do decide to get one you have a better chance i it was a female they tend to be less aggressive.

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